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Original Accessories - Apple AirPort Time Capsule (ME182 3TB)

Apple AirPort Time Capsule (ME182 3TB)

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Apple AirPort Time Capsule (ME182 3TB) is designed to secure a lifetime of memories. It is practically a hard drive storage which is compatible with Time Machine in OS X. The gadget comes with a built-in Wi-Fi base station which connects to your device network to backup all data stored into the Time Capsule. This Capsule comes with 3TB storage which can be used to save all kinds of data especially photos and movies. The wireless backup is automatic and takes place at set intervals when you are connected on a Wi-Fi network.

The Wi-Fi unit provided in the Apple AirPort Time Capsule (ME182 3TB) is 3 times faster than regular Wi-Fi networks. You can set it up easily on iOS as well as OS X on your iPhone/iPad/iPod or Mac devices. You can also share data with other Apple users as well as printers. Other features of this handy gadget are: power cord, built-in power, Ethernet port, WAN/LAN port, USB 2.0, 50 users supported, compatibility with Mac OS X or 10.5.7 or above.

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