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Headphones - Beats EP On-ear Headphones

Beats EP On-ear Headphones

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Beats EP are premium quality on-ear headphones designed for the gaming and music enthusiast. These come with a durable yet lightweight design making them easily portable in small laptop cases, bags and supplied foldable pouch. Taking after the famous Beats lineup, the EP brings greater acoustics with better sound clarity and audio depth.

Its chic screw-less design provides a super comfortable fit with adjustable vertical sliders so you can fit them according to the shape of your head. Its earcups are soft, do not allow the sound to leak out and offer comfy wear for extended periods. A RemoteTalk cable is provided built-in with an in-line mic to take calls and music. The jack on the accessory is standard 3.5mm.

DISCLAIMER - Due to variations in stock and regional sourcing we cannot guarantee that all specifications listed are 100% correct at all times as the same model may be available in several variants. If you have any specific requirements please raise them with our team and they will provide availability on the model you require.

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