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Generic Accessories - I-Flash Drive HD 64GB For Apple IPad/iPhone

i-Flash Drive HD 64GB for Apple iPad/iPhone

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i-Flash Drive HD 64GB for Apple iPad/iPhone is a multi-purpose storage accessory designed to be used with your Apple iPad/iPhone as well as your Mac or other PC device. It comes with a standard USB 2.0 connector on one side and a 30-pin connector on the other end to make it compatible with both conventional USB and Apple devices. Of course, you will be using only one of the ports at a time. For newer iOS models, a lightening adapter is also available that connects on the 30-pin connector so all kinds of Apple devices can be used with the i-Flash Drive.

This particular variant of the i-Flash Drive HD comes with 64GB storage. As soon as you connect it to your iPhone or iPad, the device takes you to the App Store to download the free app required to transfer or view files. The app is easy to use and also allows options to encrypt and put passwords on sensitive files. The encrypted files can only be opened up or decrypted in iOS and not on PC ensuring maximum security for your private data. You can also backup your contacts via the app and share to a Dropbox account.

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