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Generic Accessories - IPhone 8 3D Glass Screen Protector

iPhone 8 3D Glass Screen Protector

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iPhone 8 3D Glass Screen Protector is a high quality transparent tempered glass protector for your iPhone 8. It is thrice as hard as average PET screen protectors and offers maximum resistance to shattering and scratching. Its oleophobic nano coating and super thin design makes it almost unnoticeable on your phone and does not hinder touch capability at all. Its anti-glare also protects your phone screen from sunlight. The Glass Screen Protector is an absolute must for long-term screen protection for your iPhone 8.

DISCLAIMER - Due to variations in stock and regional sourcing we cannot guarantee that all specifications listed are 100% correct at all times as the same model may be available in several variants. If you have any specific requirements please raise them with our team and they will provide availability on the model you require.

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