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Compact Speaker - Samsung EO-SG510CD Wireless Scoop Speaker

Samsung EO-SG510CD Wireless Scoop Speaker

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Samsung EO-SG510CD Wireless Scoop Speaker is a chic looking Bluetooth sound accessory designed for those who love taking their music along wherever life takes them. Gone are the days of hefty and heavy speakers. Now you can enjoy a better and thumping sound with lighter and easily portable sound accessories like the Samsung EO-SG510CD. It comes with a round resign with a speaker built on the top side, physical buttons on the front and a strap to hang or hold the speaker conveniently.

The accessory provides a power button and connectors for USB and AUX cable. It is small enough to fit the palm of your hand so you can literally pick it up and run to work or the gym or anywhere really. With its cool little strap it is easier to hang at the smallest of places such as your backpack or clothes hook. The device is also splash resistant to make life happier for you. Other notable features of the Samsung EO-SG510CD Wireless Scoop Speaker are speaker phone/calls support, volume control, play/stop on volume down (short press), Bluetooth/play button (long press for pairing), compatibility with all Bluetooth enabled devices including laptops, smartphones and tablets, 9h music playback on battery, Bluetooth 4.0, mute support, built-in mic and microUSB charging.

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