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Headphones - Sony MDR-100ABN NC Wireless On-ear Headphones

Sony MDR-100ABN NC Wireless On-ear Headphones

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Sony MDR-100ABN NC are premium and top quality Wireless On-ear Headphones from renowned Japanese manufacturer Sony. They are ideal for people who prefer a wireless headgear with powerful music support. These amazing headphones are stylishly constructed in single form design and are lightweight allowing a comfortable fit. Delivering High Resolution audio with thumping bass and great depth, they offer NFC one touch support so you can pair them with your smart devices easily and quickly. If your device does not have NFC, you can also pair via Bluetooth.

The sound accessory enhances low frequencies for louder beats and always keeps you entertained especially during boring exercises or long subway rides. They feature an on ear design and can be worn on the head with an adjustable head band. Top specs of the Sony MDR-100ABN NC Wireless On-ear Headphones include: Digital Noise Cancelling, soft ear pads/cushions, volume control, 40mm dome type drivers, 103dB sensitivity, 5Hz-40KHz frequency, electronic condenser non directional mic, 1.2m cord support, 6h charging time and up to 20 hours of usage on full charge.

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