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Apple Watches - The most essential wearable device


We all know popular smartphones are today. Similarly, we are witnessing the evolution of the smartwatch and know how rapidly the craze of these watches is increasing, almost all the brands are trying their best to stay ahead in the race, but Apple with its Smartwatch, popularly known as iWatch, is leading the way with its amazing range Apple Watches. These are crafted in a way that offers a perfect blend of comfortability, style, and convenience to the user. The smartphones from Apple offer integration with iOS technology and come with excellent fitness tracking and features inclined towards the wellbeing of its users.

Does an Apple Watch a must-have for the ones looking for a Smartwatch? This question strikes your mind, the answer should be absolute yes! Whether a user is looking for a full standalone cellular smartwatch that gives its user the comfortability of working out without worrying about taking the phone along with them or a model that only supports the Wi-Fi-only and provides access to the huge ecosystems of apps and features, Apple watch is the most loved smartwatch available in the world today.

Apple watches or iWatches come in different models and with each upgraded model provides amazing features for its customers. Here is the list of Apple watches from different series –

  • Apple Watch Series 3 : This comes in two models: Series 3 GPS + Cellular and Series 3 GPS. Its features include GPS/GNSS, Barometric altimeter, Water-resistant, 50 meters1, Optical heart sensor, Emergency SOS, Accelerometer, up to 16 g-forces, Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, Speaker, Microphone, Apple Pay, GymKit, Capacity 16GB, GPS + Cellular, Capacity 8GB, GPS, Ceramic and, sapphire crystal back (centre), GPS + Cellular, Composite back, GPS
  • Apple Watch Series 5: This was released back in 2019, September and came into version: GPS + Cellular versions: A2156 40mm, A2157 44mm (Global); A2094 40mm, A2095 44mm (USA, LATAM, Canada). Its special features include Accelerometer, gyro, heart rate (2nd gen), barometer, compass, Natural language commands and dictation (talking mode). The color options available in this watch are Space Black, Silver, Gold.
  • Apple watch series SE: Apple watch SE is available in 3 finishes Silver, Space Grey and Gold. Its special features include GPS/GNSS, compass, always-on altimeter, water resistance, 50 meters1, second-generation optical heart sensor, international emergency calling, emergency SOS2, accelerometer, up to 32 g-forces with fall detection, gyroscope, ambient light sensor, speaker, microphone, apple pay, gym kit, capacity 32GB, ceramic and sapphire crystal back
  • Apple watch series 6: This is the best choice for you to go with. Two of its versions are - Apple Watch Series 6 GPS + Cellular (44 mm case and 40 mm case) Aluminium case – colours: blue, gold, (PRODUCT)RED, silver, or space gray Stainless steel case – colours: gold, graphite, silver Apple Watch Series 6 GPS (44 mm case and 40 mm case) Aluminium case – colours: blue, gold, (PRODUCT)RED, silver, or space grey Stainless steel case – colours: gold, graphite, or silver

Its features include a faster S6 chip, an always-on display, an always-on altimeter, and blood oxygen monitoring, offered at a price of $399. This was announced in September 2020, and it is the Apple newest watch Series 6.

iWatch stylish design with amazing performance


There would be nothing wrong if we called watches or Apple watches are the most loved watches of the era. These amazing watches are something that people of every generation look forward to. And why not, these are worth falling for! Being the most amazing smartwatches, these iWatches come with wonderful features. It's undoubtedly the most amazing smartwatch available in the market today. It has got everything that a person looks for while buying a smartwatch like – elegant looks, excellent fitness features, possibly life-saving health tools, smooth notifications, and apps compatibility – and manages to improve on it.

Be a fitness freak with Apple Watch Series 6 fitness features


If you decide to choose Apple Watch Series 6, you will get amazing fitness features that keeps a track of your day-to-day fitness activities. It not only keeps a track of your activities and workouts but also keeps you encouraged to lead a more active life by sending you gentle reminders and friendly competitions.

While using an Apple Watch, you can easily track how much you have moved, how often you stand up, and what is the duration of working out/exercise each day. You can set goals with the help of the Activity app, then you can keep a track of the progress throughout the day. Simply scroll downwards to get more details like how many steps you’ve walked or how much distance you’ve covered. Apple Watch notifies you when you’ve accomplished your goals

Welcome apple watch to your apple ecosystem


When you are a proud iPhone owner, we are sure you will be extremely satisfied when it comes to using an Apple Watch. We are also quite sure that you must be using one by this time, but if not, it is the right time for you to appreciate and understand how these iWatches can make your life simpler and be a Perfect Addition to your apple ecosystem! A lot of users are already advocating the imminent takeover of smart wearables for the past few years, and Apple is impeccably placed to not only take over but to also define the high-end of the market in New Zealand and the World.

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