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Purchasing a new phone is not always a great idea, instead, you can opt for refurbished phones. A refurbished phone is one that is thoroughly examined for flaws and is restored back to full functionality. Not only do you get a new-looking, well scrutinized phone but also you save money by acquiring a refurb one.
There are many other reasons why you should be considering buying a refurbished smartphone, we’ve some of them listed below:

Advantages of Buying Refurbished Gadgets


Are you planning to buy a refurbished phone in New Zealand?
Have a look at some pointers that you should keep in mind while considering buying a refurbished smartphone -

Cost: While with every new launch, the prices of smartphones tend to rise every now and then, this is where refurb devices come into the picture. Instead of pouring out all your money on a new phone, consider buying a refurbished phone wherein you can save some extra bucks.

Environment friendly: With the concept of modifying an old phone into a new one, we’re really saving on the environment as well. With the refurbishing of the devices, manufacturers are reusing and recycling the old items, to save on energy, money and give them a chance to survive unlike before, where the old device was just dumped.

Quality and Features: There is no compromise in the functionality of a refurb phone, these devices are even more carefully handled. All the flaws, defects, and issues are examined and are reworked for a better version. So you get a new-looking, upgraded phone for the price of a used phone. You can be 100 % sure about the quality and functionality!

Warranty of Refurbished Products at BuyMobile 


Unlike other sellers, we at BuyMobile, offer an additional warranty. To ensure your peace of mind, we offer a one-year warranty for all the refurbished and unlocked products. In case, there’s some issue or complications, you have our back. With the one-year warranty in hand, you can get the issues fixed, free of charge, and without any hassle. We guarantee you the best prices on quality refurbished phones in New Zealand.

Worth your money


Buying a refurbished phone is always a great idea when you want to save on money. A refurbished product gives you an opportunity to buy a high-quality product at a low price. You can give your child a refurbished phone or even an iPad, without worrying about if they might lose or drop it. The refurbished products are certainly less expensive and have all the functions as the new one, so why not consider them!

So, before jumping into buying the refurbished product, research well of all the aspects. However, at BuyMobile we assure you of the best prices without compromising the quality of refurbished products.

Choosing BuyMobile to buy Refurbished devices in New Zealand?


A refurbished phone is not like a normal second-hand phone. Refurbished devices are examined, repaired, and are made free of all the faults. At ByMobile we make sure that it goes through all the quality checks under the supervision of certified technicians. We offer quality devices at the best reasonable prices and to add on we offer one year warranty.

We at BuMobile, intend to customer satisfaction and are always available to any queries. For any concerns, talk to us, our support team is always available to answer your queries.

Visit BuyMobile New Zealand and get a refurbished device now.