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Wide Range of Samsung smartwatches


Samsung is one of the most loved Android devices in New Zealand and also globally. It has always been a key player and star performer as a smartphone. Apart from its flagship Android phone model, which is the Samsung Galaxy series, Samsung smartwatches are also the talk of the town.

Samsung offers the best smartwatch when it comes to compatibility with various devices. This watch is continuously being updated and improved with each of its upgraded versions. Samsung's latest Galaxy Watch 3 offers a lot of innovative health tracking features, like blood oxygen monitoring, ECG, and sleep tracking, and can easily connect to both Android and iPhone devices.

It has also been heard that the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 can arrive with the certification to measure and track blood pressure. This is an exceptional feature that Samsung’s smartwatch offers as Apple does not track this critical health matric. Samsung’s latest, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a reasonably priced smartwatch that comes with options of both Wi-Fi and LTE models in two distinct sizes. It also has a special titanium model for users looking for something more and special in this amazing smartwatch.

It comes with a smooth rotating bezel and has an operating system that is optimized specifically for the round watch design. This watch has special features like fall detection, messaging, notifications, phone calls, and much more, along with advanced fitness data like VO2 Max, and also supports the advanced running dynamics data.

Latest Samsung smartwatches 


Samsung Galaxy Watch3 - This is the latest version of the Samsung smartwatch. When we compare the 45mm Galaxy Watch3 with the 46mm Galaxy Watch, it is almost 14% thinner and 15% lighter at 53.8g (the previous model was 63g), and yet it comes with a larger screen that's 1.4" as compared to 1.3" for the original Galaxy Watch. It has a good battery life that lasts 2+ days.

Below are some of the models of the latest Samsung Galaxy Watch3 available online in New Zealand –

  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (R845 45mm Stainless Steel Case 4G LTE)
  • Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 (R850 41mm Stainless Steel Case Bluetooth)

A few more models that you can choose from the list are –

Stay fit with galaxy gear


Are you a fitness freak? If you love to follow a fitness regime and a healthy lifestyle is your goal, then Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 is definitely for you. We all know how customers are becoming more and more health-conscious and look forward to even more from their smartwatches, especially the health-related features.

Samsung’s latest watch comes with an upgraded heart rate sensor which provides even better results and thus makes it a must-have fitness watch for users of all generations. The watch comes in a perfect shape and size and its build quality is just amazing. It feels very thin and lightweight and very comfortable.

If we discuss more about its fitness features, it comes with a collection of new health and fitness features that has the capability of tracking almost 40 different types of exercises and running coaching tools. With every upgrade over the years, Samsung has grown its fitness and training features, incorporated better sleep and stress tracking, and now it is working to offer new experiences with various other health monitoring features that are both unique and useful.

Choosing Samsung watches over iWatches


Samsung's new Galaxy Watch 3 comes with several benefits when compared to Apple Watch specifically on fitness grounds. An FDA-cleared ECG app, and a fall-detection feature can be considered as the USP of Apple watches, but when it comes to the execution of these features, both the devices can be different and there's a lot to consider when deciding between the two.

if we investigate more details, we will understand that Galaxy Watch 3 has shown up better features and overall results. Here's a look at the comparison of both Apple Watch Series 5 and Samsung Galaxy 3 based on their specifications:

  • Samsung Galaxy's Compatibility with other devices: It is very crucial to choose a smartwatch that is compatible with your smartphone, otherwise its remains of no use. The Galaxy Watch 3 runs on Samsung's own Tizen OS, which allows it to get perfectly paired with a Galaxy phone, but it can work with almost all Android and Apple devices. Whereas the Apple Watch runs on WatchOS, which is only compatible with an iPhone and cannot be used with other android devices.
  • Similar fitness features at a lesser price: As explained above also, this smartwatch comes with similar fitness features to an iWatch but at a reasonable price.
  • Provides a Better Sleep tracking feature as compared to Apple: Samsung smartwatch has improved sleep tracking and made it robust on its new Galaxy Watch 3 by aiming at both quantity and quality.
  • Comes with better battery life: iWatch’s battery lasts a full day on a charge whereas Samsung Galaxy Watch 3’s battery can last for about two days while on a normal use

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