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This is an agreement between Union Promise Limited trading as BuyMobile and any user of our websites including https://buymobile.com.au and https://buymobile.co.nz/ whereas use may or may not result in a purchase, order fulfilment and shipment of items.

Please ensure you have read these terms and conditions prior to ordering with us.

When you purchase a device from buymobile.com.au you are purchasing this device from BuyMobile. BuyMobile is a subsidiary of Union Promise Limited.


In these Terms of Service, BuyMobile and its representatives may use pronouns in place of our name, “BuyMobile” such as “us, our, ours, we”. We may refer to our website as ‘the website’ in cases where another website is not referenced.
In these terms and conditions, we may refer to users of our website including person(s) engaging in purchases or accessing our services as “ they, you, user, browser, buyer or customer”, we may utilise other words such as ‘your’ or ‘their’ to show ‘ownership’.

Any person who accesses or browses our website agrees to these terms and conditions. By registering for, using our services and/ or placing an order on our website or via telephonic means with one of our representatives, you agree to be bound by all terms and conditions, and all policies of BuyMobile as published on our website.

BuyMobile reserves the right to change any of the terms and conditions or any policies or guidelines governing our site or services, at any time and in its sole discretion.


BuyMobile is not liable for any loss or damages incurred for any person(s)who illegally use of this website or illegal use of our services. Any user of this website is responsible for ensuring they use the website within laws that apply to them.

BuyMobile has necessary methods and protection in place for our customers to use our website safely and securely. We are not liable for any damages or losses incurred which may be perceived to be connected to use with our website. Users of our website should take necessary precautions to ensure they are browsing all websites

Third Party Websites
We are not responsible for any incorrect information posted on third party websites referring to our website including but not limited to information relating to pricing, policies, terms and conditions or any other information.
We are not bound to information posted on other websites nor are we responsible for getting incorrect information removed from third party websites.

Information on our Website
We reserve the right to update pricing, product listings at any time without notice.


Order Confirmation
You will be emailed your order confirmation once your order has been received in our system with confirmation of your selected item(s), payment method and delivery details. It is important you follow up with us if you do not receive this so that you can clarify all details are correct.

BuyMobile takes privacy and security very seriously to remain vigilant in an industry that receives high fraudulent attention.
We have a stringent verification process in place for every order which occurs before your order is sent to the warehouse for fulfilment.
This verification process may involve a phone call from one of our customer service representatives and may include confirmation of a fully refundable, random temporary nominal charge to your credit card by email.
It is your responsibility to ensure you have provided us with the correct contact details.
You can contact us at any time regarding your order progress.

Refusal & Cancellation Right
BuyMobile reserves the right to refuse orders or cancel an order at any time.
An order is not deemed to be a contract of sale until the item has been dispatched and a tracking number has been provided.
Invoices are valid at the time of issue however final details are subject to change at any time at the sole discretion of BuyMobile.

All payments through this website are processed in New Zealand Dollars unless stated otherwise. Other currencies shown are for reference purposes only and any payments made in these currencies do not include any international conversion fees that may be applied by your bank. Please note that your bank may also charge a different exchange rate to the rate displayed on the site. Your preferred payment method will be used to process your payment, which will be selected at check out. We are not liable for any fees or costs incurred by international bank transfer. We must receive the full amount we have invoiced for the order in AUD to proceed with the order fulfillment process.

Fulfillment Times
We have important processes in place to provide our services to customers. We may offer estimated times of fulfillment and average shipping times but do not guarantee these timeframes. BuyMobile is not liable for any losses that may have occurred due to timeframe expectations in the ordering, fulfilment process or post sales care processes.

Once your payment has been verified, your order will be forwarded to our warehouse for dispatch. When your package has been shipped you will be notified after by email with information to track your order.
BuyMobile is not liable for any losses that may have occurred due to delays in the shipping process by courier or post methods.
BuyMobile is not liable for losses incurred if packages are delivered to incorrect addresses in cases where the person who has ordered has provided the incorrect address. For orders adjusted or placed by phone, you should receive an order confirmation by email and check that your details including shipping details are correct. If you do not receive this order confirmation, you will need to contact BuyMobile as soon as possible to receive it.

Our Stock
BuyMobile sells brand new, top quality, unlocked, original mobile phones and devices, sourced from around the world. Anything varying from this will be outlined in the product listing.
The majority of handsets and devices are sourced internationally, unless otherwise stated within the product specification. International stock is sourced from a variety of locations and is dependent on quality, price and availability, and is shipped directly from BuyMobile's main warehouse in Hong Kong. International items may come with an adapter for the original power supply instead of a local power supply, however are still fully compliant with local safety standards. Australian stock is dispatched through a Brisbane warehouse.

To ensure the quality of the stock meet our strict guidelines and to reduce the risk of Dead on Arrival products, the majority of phones sent from our warehouse undergo a stringent and comprehensive testing procedure before the item is shipped.
This may involve the phone being taken out of its box, the battery installed and the handset turned on. Our technician may then test various phone functions to ensure that the handset or device is in working order. After testing, the device is wiped, cleaned, shrink-wrapped again and presented as the quality assured, brand new item that it is. It is not uncommon for the sometimes present, “do not break” seal to be broken with our stock due to this fact. “DOA” being the case will not warrant a “DOA”.

Change Of Mind
If you have a change of mind or need to make alterations to your order please do so as soon as possible. You can contact us by emailing contactus@buymobile.com.au or by starting a live chat conversation on our website.
We have an advanced ordering and fulfillment process and our support team work hard to service our customers as quickly and effectively as possible.
We do not accept liability for when a change of order request has been raised and unread/unprocessed by our support team prior to fulfillment and shipment.
Please note, we are unable to change a delivery once it has shipped from the warehouse and any changes to your order or cancellations after this may attract a restocking fee.

Restocking Fees
If you wish to amend or cancel your order after the item has been shipped, fees including restocking fees may apply. Please note, shipping fees are non-refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash. For more information on restocking fees, see our Returns Policy

BuyMobile sources products from all over the world to offer the highest quality and best prices. In the unlikely event that you receive a handset without English settings or software simply contact our care team. Hard copy manuals are seldom included with smart phone purchases these days. However if you would like to obtain an English or other language digital copy, please contact our care team and we will endeavour to obtain digital versions where available.

International Stock
Rest assured, all international stock is covered under our Limited Warranty, irrespective of the country of origin. BuyMobile services devices through their own repair centres locally in Australia and New Zealand saving you time, effort and money.

Australian Stock
Australian stock comes with its own manufacturer's warranty. If a fault develops within the first thirty (30) days please contact a BuyMobile Support representative for ELF (Early Life Failure) service. If the fault develops after the first thirty (30) day period, please contact the manufacturer directly for details of your local repair centre for servicing.

Product Information And Specifications
BuyMobile sources mobile devices from many markets around the world to ensure you get access to the best products at the most competitive prices. We work hard to ensure that information regarding handset performance, specifications and accessories is accurate.
Unfortunately due to variations in the country of origin, your mobile network specifications and other factors, we cannot ensure that all devices meet manufacturer guidelines in your country. As a result, we cannot guarantee that the information on the site is 100% correct at all times. BuyMobile accepts no liability for variations between the listed specifications and those of the received product. The images used on the website are manufacturer renders used as a guide and may not represent the actual product.

All orders under AUD$1,000 sent to Australia are exempt from GST and no further fees or charges will be applied. For all orders over AUD$1,000 GST is applicable and is collected and processed at the time of sale. There is no additional payable by the customer during import.

All orders under NZD$400 sent to New Zealand are exempt from GST and no further fees or charges will be applied. For all orders over NZD$400 GST is applicable and is collected and processed by the relevant customs authority at the border upon import.

Import Restrictions For International Customers
For customers ordering from outside of Australia and New Zealand, please consult your own country's Customs legislation before placing your order. Some territories and regions may incur import duties and restrictions, and BuyMobile will not be held liable for import fees or refunds.
Goods refused under restrictions and returned to the warehouse unopened may be eligible for refund, minus shipping fees, Customs fees, and return fees. Please note that BuyMobile is not able to offer advice regarding customs regulations; please contact your local Customs authority for more information.

Problem Resolution Process
We conduct business honestly and work hard to satisfy our customers.
We ask customers to contact us directly if any issue should arise so we can reach a fair outcome.
BuyMobile Australia contactus@buymobile.com.au
BuyMobile New Zealand contactus@buymobile.co.nz

Violation of Sales Conditions
It is a violation of our Terms of Service in any case where a customer raises a chargeback or payment dispute for a purchase that has been shipped to the customer where we have not prompted them to do so.
In cases of this violation, we may have to provide information to third parties who may be investigating the matter such as the financial institution,banks, payment gateways or if requested by law. We reserve this right under our Privacy Policy, Section 3 - Disclosure.

Newsletter Subscription Terms and Conditions:
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Subscribing to the BuyMobile Newsletter means that you agree to receive promotional messaging from us about our products and services. We aim to keep our customers updated about new and popular products as well as exclusive promotions and deals. Users are able to unsubscribe at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our email messages. We will not communicate, publish or otherwise give away your email address.
BuyMobile reserves the right to suspend, cancel or deny your subscription to our newsletter service at anytime without assigning any cause or reason for it.