Why Purchase from BuyMobile?

Our team delivers the latest mobile technology products to New Zealand and the world. We're experts in the supply of mobile phones, tablets, cameras and drones. Below are just some of the reasons why; 

Live Support 

Our staff are online 7 days a week, 11am - 2am NZST, Monday to Friday, midday - 8pm Saturday and 4pm - midnight Sunday. Between us we have over 75 years of combined experience in online mobile phone sales and are ready and eager to assist. 

Quality Products

We specialise in brand new, unlocked and outright devices. Unless otherwise specified, all devices fit this criteria. Other store may try and pass off second hand and refurbished items, but at BuyMobile new means new. We source wide and far to get the best price and availability, but only obtain the highest quality products for our customers.

Free Insurance

Many online stores charge a significant amount for shipping insurance, which is hidden until you reach the checkout. We include shipping insurance free of charge on all orders, meaning that there's no cart shock, and ensuring you get exactly what you pay for. 

Safe Shopping

We employ the highest level SSL encryption and data protection policies available. We guarantee that your personal and payment information is secure. Don't risk your information with companies that can't offer this level of certainty. Click to learn more about our comprehensive protection plan.

Local Warranty

All new products come with a 12 month warranty. BuyMobile supports this with our own extensive warranty product to ensure that no matter the device or region of origin that you receive the highest level of support should there be any issues. Beware of other discount online sellers, as they may require you to send your product back to the country of origin for repair, which is expensive, time-consuming and impractical.

New For Old Replacement Policy 

Should your device be warranted and found unrepairable, our policy is replace with a brand new device. Other companies will generally provide a refurbished replacement, however BuyMobile will source a new item for you, and if that model is no longer available we'll provide an equivalent replacement, free of charge.

If you need any more information or clarification about the benefits of using BuyMobile, please hit the chat button to start a real-time conversation, or send us a message or email from our contact page.